• Our vision

    Over the years, the processing of ice cream and desserts has undergone a profound evolution, and in many cases this has led to the replacement of artisanal methods with industrial methods, which are more practical and faster. The Torraca, despite the convenience of these new ones
    processing techniques, both in economic and time terms, made a precise choice, namely to continue in
    a furrow traced years ago, maintaining a distinctly artisanal component in our laboratories.

  • Our raw materials

    What really matters for La Torraca is quality. And the secret to a quality product is undoubtedly the careful selection of raw materials, to which we pay great attention. In fact, to give life to our creations we use exclusively the best ingredients, selecting them from among the
    best excellences. We only use KM0 raw materials and produce only from them. Our bond with the territory is very strong, and it is one of the centers of our identity. Our choice on KM 0 is total, both from the point of view of raw materials and culture.

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Try our selection of delights

  • Spoon Trays

    Our spoon trays offer a unique taste experience, with irresistible spoon desserts that delight every palate and make every event special.

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  • Family cakes

    Our cakes are perfect for any family moment, small sweet pleasures that combine taste and love in every bite.

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  • Single portions

    Our delicious single portions, perfect for any moment of the day, offer maximum taste in a practical and refined format.

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  • Mignon with semifreddo

    Savor our semifreddo mignons, small delights that combine refined flavors and light textures, perfect for a sweet moment of pleasure on any occasion.

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  • Small bakery

    Delight your senses with our small pastry shop, a selection of artisanal mignon perfect for any occasion, made with love and high quality ingredients.

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  • Baking Cakes

    Discover our baked cakes, made with genuine ingredients and a lot of passion, to bring the warmth and taste of traditions to the table.

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  • Semifreddo cakes

    Our artisanal semifreddos are the perfect combination of creaminess and freshness, ideal for making every special occasion unforgettable

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Our history

It was the year 1980 when Cosimo La Torraca, just eighteen years old, decided to give shape to a dream. He decided that he wanted to produce the best ice cream around, and began to dedicate himself to the project with enthusiasm and energy.