Our origins

It was the year 1980 when Cosimo La Torraca, just
eighteen years old, he decided to give shape to a dream.
He determined that he wanted to produce the best ice cream in
circulation, and began to dedicate himself with enthusiasm and energy
to the project.
Starting from a selection of high quality ingredients,
mixed in a careful artisanal process, the aim of
Cosimo's aim was to evoke a sense of in those who tasted it
a real "taste discovery" and to make everything perceived
the love poured into the preparation.
Over the years, and especially in the last two decades,
the company has experienced great expansion, with
resulting increase in production volumes, but we are
always remained faithful to what is ours
primary objective: to guarantee our customers a quality product
excellence and genuine.

These standards are pursued through a
still highly artisanal component of the manufacturing phases
production, supported by a few modern machinery
support. Nature and technology merge, in search of a
ideal balance between flavor and lightness.
Controlled and certified ingredients, obsessive attention to manufacturing processes and the great enthusiasm shared by a motivated team, today represent our "recipe for success", in terms of appreciation from our loyal customers, even before in terms of sales